MCGM Schools Sports Finals 2017-18
DATE: 31-01-2018
MCGM Schools Sports Finals 2017-18

Finals of the Wrestling, Judo and Taekwondo are held each year to honour the best players of the Municipal Schools of Mumbai. For the first time this one day event was held at the multipurpose hall of the Andheri Sports Complex, with 750 children participating in various age groups. Making most of the opportunity the players showed tremendous grit on the mat. The day was a great display of co-ordination between the Participants, Teachers, Organisers, Referees and Volunteers.


Participants gather at the venue.


Pre-match preparations were seen around the main play area.


Athletes had their own methods to prepare before the match.


Girls wrestling.


Boys wrestling.


Great intensity was seen during the senior Boys matches.


The hall accomodated 2 mats each for Wrestling and Judo.


Taekwondo matches were initiated outdoor.


Taekwondo matches were shifted inside a room, after it rained.


Judo was good to watch with its short and powerful grips.


Look at the fear in the eyes.


One of the best feelings.


The Podium.


The Winners.